You need to add the Nx70 to the known hosts.

It has to be the Common Name (CN) as configured in the Nx70 client certificate there can be 2 types of CN:

  1. Einstein2
  2. MAC address of the device
  3. CN of new uploaded client certificate (Via web-interface)

Which, depends on the Nx70: First devices where produced with CN = Einstein2, later we have changed it to use the MAC address of the device.

How to check CN
  1. Enable the CLI access via SSH
  2. Go to: SETTINGS - System - Web configurator
  3. Enter the CLI password
  4. Now access the device via an SSL tool and login using: Username: cli and password: <what your created>
  5. Check if you have an /config/ssl directory
  6. If not then you need to use the Common Name (CN) = Einstein2
Add CN to your hosts file


  • Add device to known hosts (/etc/hosts) as "Einstein2" or if the Common Name = MAC address, use the MAC address
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