Valid for N610 / N670 / N870 / N870E.

You can change the admin password:

  • Secure (sha1)
  • Insecure (Plain text)
  • Minimum password length is 8 characters
  • Special characters are not mandatory via provisioning (Password change via the web-interface, then you need to enter special characters)

You can send the admin password in plain text and hashed. If you want to use the hashed value, you need to convert it using one of the many tools that are available to an sha1 hash value.

It must be in lower case format.

  • Plain text: Example "Gigaset123+"
  • Secure: Example: "47a56c7ed3e4308a7071ff54ce0ad8ac30b982c0"


<param name="WebUIAccounts.1.Password" value="Gigaset123+"/>

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