Valid for N610 / N670 / N870 / N870E.

NTP (Time) servers can be provided via:

  1. DHCP option 42
  2. Time server setting, can be changed via:
    1. Web-interface
    2. Auto-provisioning

Default setting is:,,,

The DECT device will query (using the standard settings) the NTP servers in the following order:

  5. Via DHCP option 42 provided NTP server

The last answered NTP query is used.

From software version 2.44.0, via auto-provisioning, it is possible to enable/disable the NTP server via DHCP option 42.

Auto-provisioning example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<settings version="1.0" productID="e2">


<!-- Example how to provisioning NTP server settings -->
<param name="DmGlobal.0.NtpServer" value=",,,"/>


<oper name="set_uci">

<!-- Disable the option to configure the NTP server via DHCP option 42
0 = DHCP option 42 is not used
1 = DHCP option 42 is used -->

<param name="system.ntp.use_dhcp" value="0" />



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