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Embedded Integrator

Virtual Integrator

Valid for N610 / N670 / N870 / N870E.

When connecting to a cloud system, provisioning is mostly used to configure the system.

Provisioning can be triggered from the platform via a SIP notify, there must be a working SIP account between the DECT device and the platform. If there is no working SIP account, the customer firewall/router will block all incoming SIP messages.

For a working SIP account, a DECT handset needs to be registered. During first installation mostly, no handsets are connected.

Therefore we created a SIP account that can be used by auto-provisioning only.

Supported from software 2.36 or higher.

All DECT handset SIP accounts are handled by the DECT Manager, the provisioning SIP account is handled by the Integrator.

If you install an Small-Medium system, the SIP accounts will be handled by one device as the Integrator and DECT manager are then running on the same device.

If you install a Large system with separate integrator you will see the provisioning SIP account register from the Integrator and the SIP account registration for the DECT handset from the DECT managers. 


The following provisioning parameters are created for this account.

Provisioning parametersDescription

<oper name="set_sip_acc">

<param name="" value="0"/>
<param name="" value=""/>
<param name="" value=""/>
<param name="" value=""/>


ProviderId: The Provider or PBX profile that is used by the SIP account. Value 0 - 9

AuthName: The SIP account authentication name

AuthPassword: The SIP account password

UserName: The SIP account username

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