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Embedded Integrator

Virtual Integrator


Some VoIP platforms support Intercom/Broadcast groups, the platform can send an SIP INVITE with a special header that enables the phone to answer the call automatically.

The following headers for auto-answer are supported:

  • Call-Info: <uri>;answer-after=0
  • Call-Info: <uri>;info=alert-autoanswer;delay=0
  • Alert-Info: <uri>;info=alert-autoanswer
Phone settings

You can define what should happen if an incoming call is received and this header is available in the SIP INVITE.

Go to: SETTINGS - Mobile devices - Administration - Edit device - Call manager

Calls via Call Manager, accept call directly:

  • Via headset
  • Via handsfree
  • No (DECT handset will ring and you need to answer using the Off-hook key)
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