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Embedded Integrator

Virtual Integrator


Name / Location 

This name should make it easier to assign the base station within the logical and spatial structure of the DECT network.

  • In the text field enter a descriptive name or description for the base station. Value: max. 32 characters

IP address type

The IP address type is copied from the setting for the DECT manager on the Network – IP page. You can change the IP address type. The settings for the DECT manager and the base stations do not have to match. For example, the DECT manager could receive a fixed IP address
so that it will always be able to access the web configurator with the same address, while the base stations receive their IP addresses dynamically.

  • Select the desired IP address type from the option menu.

If the IP address type is Static, you have to enter the IP address.

IP address

  • Enter an IP address for the base station.

Reduce transmitting power for external antenna operation (only for N870E)

The transmitting power of the external antennas can be reduced. This may be needed in order not to violate emission regulations, in case the device is equipped with external antennas.

  • Click on Yes/No to reduce/not reduce the transmitting power.

Activating/deactivating the base station

A base station must be active to manage the calls of the connected handsets. If it is deactivated, it will no longer connect handsets but it still stays in the list of connected base stations.

  • Select Yes/No to activate/deactivate the base station.

Adding a base station to the Connected Base Stations list

  • Click on Confirm

Delete the base station

  • Click on Delete base station Confirm with Yes . . . the base station is deleted. It is shown in the list of pending base stations again.

Reboot the base station

Click on Reboot base station Confirm with Yes . . . the base station is rebooted. All existing connections managed by the base station are terminated.

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