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Embedded Integrator

Virtual Integrator

Valid for N870 / N870E, but not supported by N610 / N670.

For service purposes, it is possible to block new calls.

Block new calls

How to start Block new calls

In the web-interface go to SETTINGS - DECT manager - Administration - Block new calls

  • Select the DECT manager where you can to block new calls (One or more DECT managers)
  • Select the option Block new calls (Today the only option)
  • Select the start time to block new calls or select Immediately
  • Select how long you want to block new calls (Days / Hours / Minutes / Seconds)
  • Press Set 

On the handsets you will see the following message if the calls are blocked: Service temporarily blocked

In SIP when the handsets are called, the system will respond with: 480 temporary not available

How to end Block new calls

  • Wait until the duration time is passed
  • In the web-interface
    • Select the DECT manager
    • Select Block new calls
    • Select Immediately
    • Duration set to "0"
    • Press Set
  • Handsets will show the normal IDLE screen

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