About blukii

blukii is not an ordinary start-up. We are part of Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH, the world-famous writing instrument manufacturer from the Black Forest (Germany). The family business, which is already in its 3rd generation, is characterized by quality “Made in Germany” and an exceptionally high level of vertical integration. Values such as ecological commitment and the perception of social responsibility are very important at Schneider Schreibgeräte GmbH. These principles are also an integral part of our company, which is why we develop and manufacture almost exclusively in the Black Forest.

The emergence of blukii can be traced back to Roland Schneider’s affinity for electronics. An electronic key based on Bluetooth Low Energy was the first business idea from which the blukii brand emerged. By the way, the name blukii is an artificial word derived from Bluetooth Key.

With the market launch of version 4.2 of the Bluetooth Low Energy Standard, we were able to expand our portfolio with Smart Beacons. In the meantime, the blukii portfolio includes a variety of different beacon models that can be used in almost any application. By using existing skills in injection molding and efficient further development in software and electronics, a broad portfolio of high-quality beacons could be built up.

As there are multiple BLE beacon suppliers in the market, Gigaset has investigated the different suppliers and our preferred supplier is blukii because of:

  • High quality housing
  • Indoor and outdoor beacons
  • Easy to manage via Cloud and blukii configurator app
  • Long battery live (up to 4 years)
  • Online shop
  • Installation service
  • German company/quality
  • Data stored in European center

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