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Embedded Integrator

Virtual Integrator

Valid for N670 / N870 / N870E but not supported by N610.

 A Cluster comprises a number of base stations of a DECT manager that synchronise with each other to enable handovers, roaming and load balancing.

Handover: The DECT connection of a handset is passed to another base station during a call.

Roaming: A handset in idle mode is connected to the system via a new base station.

Load balancing: A DECT connection is not set up with the current base station for a call, for administration or for other customer-specific purposes because it is overloaded with active DECT or media connections, It is instead set up with a neighbouring base station having free resources.

Handover and load balancing can only be realised by base stations that are synchronised with each other.

A DECT manager normally manages a cluster.

The DECT Manager is connected to the base stations and the platform via the local network and is therefore not dependent on DECT ranges. Base stations that are far apart can be grouped into different clusters if synchronisation is barely or not possible, and is not required. All the base stations of a DECT manager must belong to the same LAN subnet of the DECT manager.

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