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Here we describe how you can re-register a DECT handset. 

Re-register a DECT handset

The DECT handset menu, is adjusted during DECT registration to match the Base station functionality. It can happen when introducing new features, to make this visible on the DECT handset a new DECT handset registration has to be started.

DECT handset re-registration can be started:

  • Manually
  • Automatic
Manual DECT handset re-registration

It is not needed to de-register the handset.

See the example below, the handsets are registered.

In the Nx70 web-interface go to SETTINGS - Mobile devices - Registration Centre and click on Start now.

Open the handset menu: Settings - Registration - Register handset - OK enter the PIN when asked.

Handset is re-registered and has the new/updated handset menu.

Automatic DECT handset re-registration

Via the following procedure, the system will start the re-registration: (Software 2.29.0 or higher is needed) 

  • After max. 6 hours
  • When handset was out of sync for > 40 seconds
  • Switch handset OFF and On
  • Roaming

This can only be triggered via auto-provisioning:

Create an XML file like the example below.

Provisioning example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<provisioning version="1.1" productID="e2">
Insert correct ipui below to hs.<IPUI>.AccRightsMod

value = "1" will trigger automatic re-registration
without any user interaction when HS starts Location
Registration procedure.

hs.<IPUI>.AccRightsMod is set to "0" by system, when
re-registration is finished.

If you want to start this for all handsets you can use the @  sign.

<param name="hs.@.AccRightsMod" value="1" />

<param name="hs.029e74a599.AccRightsMod" value="1" />

<param name="hs.02ea032c1d.AccRightsMod" value="1" />


In the web-interface go to: SETTINGS - System - provisioning and configuration - Auto configuration file - Browse, select your file, upload and press Start auto configuration.

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