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DECT settings

Only available in the Integrator user interface. 

Changing one of these settings requires a restart of the system. Ongoing calls will be cancelled.


ECO DECT is an environment-friendly technology which reduces the power consumption and enables a variable reduction of transmission power.

DECT Radiation power

  • Set the DECT radiation power to your needs:

Maximum range (250 mW EIRP): The device range is set to maximum (default). This guarantees the best connection between the handset and the base stations. In idle status, the handset will not send radio signals. Only the base station will maintain contact with the handset via a low wireless signal. During a call, the transmission power automatically adapts to the distance between the base station and handset. The smaller the distance to the base, the lower the radiation.

Limited range (50 mW EIRP) : The radiation is reduced by up to 80 %. This will also reduce the range. 

DECT security settings

DECT radio traffic between base stations and handsets is encrypted by default. The following options allow you to define the security settings in more detail.

DECT Encryption

  • Activate/deactivate the option.

Activated: All calls are encrypted.
Deactivated: No calls are encrypted.

Enhanced Security - Early Encryption and Re-Keying

  • Activate/deactivate the option.

Activated: The following messages are encrypted:

    • CC (Call Control) messages in a call
    • Data that may be sensitive at early stages of the signalling, e.g., dialling or CLIP information sending

The key used for encryption is changed during an ongoing call and thus improving the security of the call.

Deactivated: No CC messages or early data are encrypted.

Enhanced Security - Automatic release for non-encrypted calls

  • Activate/deactivate the option.

Activated: If encryption is activated, it will be released in the case that a call is initiated by a device that is not supporting encryption.

Deactivated: Encryption is never released.

DECT radio settings

Due to different national regulations DECT units are required to use different frequency ranges to make them compatible with DECT systems in other areas. You can adapt the frequency range of the N870 IP PRO Multicell System to the requirements of your region.
DECT Radio band

  • Select the radio frequency band used in your region.

Please select the DECT frequency band your system should operate according to your region. This is a system wide setting. Changing the setting will reboot the DECT radio part. Wrong setting may cause violation of legal regulations. In case of doubt,
contact your Telecommunications Authority.

Also the DECT handsets will not be able to communicate with the system as these have static setting Europe.

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