How to clean and disinfect your Gigaset pro handset

Gigaset professional DECT handsets S650H PRO, SL750H PRO, S700H PRO, SL800H PRO, R700H PRO are optimized for everyday business. They are part of the DECT IP multicell- and single cell solutions N870 and N670. Gigaset helps supermarkets, construction markets and medical practices across Europe to optimize their communication solutions.

  1. Be sure that your hands are cleaned and disinfected
  2. Before disinfection, pre- clean your Gigaset Pro device to remove dust
  3. You are free to use liquid disinfection solutions or cleaning wipes
  4. Apply the liquid disinfection solution carefully, using a non-abrasive cloth

List with disinfectants
DisinfectantManufacturerS650H PROSL750H PROR650H PROS700H PROSL800H PROR700H PRO
AHD 2000Dr. Hans Rosemann-
Sterilium classicBode-
Epicare disinfectantEcolab-
Desdermann pureSchülke-
CIMO SeptDr. Schnell-
SamolindDr. Schnell-
SamtasanDr. Schnell-
Incidin RapidEcolab

This selection is intended to be a representative sample.

The above handsets are probably resistant to most other common disinfectants used in healthcare, but this cannot be guaranteed.

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