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The SIP Diversion Header can be inserted in the SIP INVITE when you receive a redirected incoming call from another user. 

Example: A calls B and is redirected to C. User C will see on the display the information that A tried to call B.

  • From software 2.53, the DECT handset will show the diversion header if this is available in the SIP INVITE
  • From software 2.57.1, we added the option to disable/enable (via auto-provisioning) to show this Diversion information.
  • From software 2.59, we have added the web-interface setting to disable/enable to show the Diversion information.

From Software 2.59 we have added the web-interface option to enable/disable the "Show diversion header" go to: SETTINGS - Provider or PBX profiles - Select you provider - Display of Caller Information

Auto provisioning

Even that showing the diversion information offers an advantage for the user, some users liked the previous incoming display we added the option to disable this via auto-provisioning.

Parameter (Software version 2.57.1 or higher is needed)Description
<param name="SipProvider.0.EnableHistoryHeaders" value="0"/>
  • 0 = Disable show diversion information
  • 1 = Enable show diversion information (default)
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