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The N870(E) and N670 have only one hardware, the role determines its functionality.

When you connect a N870(E) to the Power, it will start by default as a "base station". A N670 will start by default as an "All-in-One". You can change the role of the device using the procedure described on this page.

  1. Perform DECT measurement and site planning
    During the planning phase of your DECT network you should have created an installation plan for the DECT managers and base stations.
  2. Connect the devices to the local network.
  3. Register at least one device as Integrator/DECT manager.
  4. Mount the devices at the planned locations.
  5. Configure the local network settings via web configurator.
    You need a PC connected to the local network, so that you can configure your telephone system via web configurator.
  6. Perform a firmware update.
  7. Register the base stations to the telephone system.
  8. Configure the base station synchronization.
  9. Configure VoIP PABX or provider.
  10. Register handsets and perform handset configuration.
  11. Create a backup to save your configuration
How to change the role.

Per default, the device is delivered as a base station.

To change the role to a Integrator/DECT Manager or to reset the base, please follow this instruction.

  • Let the device fully start up (New N870 has role "base station", new N670 has role "All-in-one").
  • To activate the programming mode, press and hold the hardkey for minimum 10 seconds.
  • After 10 seconds, the LED's will be switched off and the device is in the programming mode.
  • In programming mode you can step through the three options by single key presses.
  • The modes are indicated by the LEDs.
  • To activate the intended option: Press and hold the hardkey for 5 seconds (minimum 3 up to maximum 10 seconds)
    both LEDs will be lit RED as confirmation (Firmware 2.33.0 and higher).
  • The programming mode is closed after 20 sec of no activity.

Remark: Please be aware that existing configuration and user data will be lost. Please perform backup in advance if needed

Example: How to change the role to: Integrator/Manager and DECT base in one
  1. Press hard key key for 10 seconds, until LED's are switched off.
  2. Green LED will be On and role is DECT Base.
  3. Press key and both LED's will be Blue. Role will be: Integrator/DECT Manager and Base. (All in One)
  4. Press key for 5 seconds until both LEDs are lit RED to confirm the new role.
  5. Device will reboot and will come online as Integrator/DECT Manager and Base, with factory default settings.

Info: Reboot can take up to 5 minutes !!!

After reboot the LED's will show different colors then when changing the role.

Programming mode







activate by


Programming modeoffoffpress & hold key for
around 10 seconds. (LED's turn off)
The device will show direct the role Base station when entering the programming mode.
  • Base station
DHCPSet role to Base (default).
Greenpress & hold key for 5 seconds
With one key press you switch to the next option. (All in one)
  • Base station
  • Manager
  • Integrator
IP address obtained automatically 
Set role to Base + DECT Manager + Integrator.BlueBluepress & hold key for 5 seconds
With one key press you switch to the next option. (All in one)
  • Base station
  • Manager
  • Integrator

Static IP:

Subnet mask:

Set role to Base + DECT Manager + Integrator and apply static IP address.
Bluepress & hold key for 5 seconds
With one key press you switch to the next option.
  • Base station
  • Manager 
DHCPSet role to Base + DECT ManagerBlueGreenpress & hold key for 5 seconds
With one key press you switch back to the beginning, the Base station role


The role "embedded integrator" can only be selected via the WebGui.
Change role of device to Integrator only see: FAQ Nx70 - Reboot and Reset to factory default


After the above procedure, the device will be factory default and all of your settings will be removed.

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