When an Integrator with multiple DECT managers are used, the communication with the platform is done by:

  • Integrator: (Provisioning)
  • DECT manager: (SIP / LDAP / XML / xHTML)

As every device will communicate using it's own User-agent with it's own MAC address inside, some platforms will put the system on a blacklist or just can't handle the multiple user-agents.

We have created a provisioning parameter that when enabled takes care that the user-agent of the devices in the DECT network have the same MAC address inside.


0 = Disabled (Default)

1 = Enabled, user-agent will be changed to a more common user-agent.


<?xml version='1.0' encoding='utf-8'?>
<settings productID="e2" version="1.0">

<param name="" value="1" />



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