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Embedded Integrator

Virtual Integrator

Logging into/off the web configurator

Once you have successfully established the connection, the login screen is displayed in the web browser. There are two user roles with different user IDs:

  • admin has unlimited access to all functions of the web configurator.
  • user has only limited access to some settings and system information, e.g., handset registration and some system settings. The user role must be activated before it can be used

Enter the user ID in the Username text field (admin/user).

Enter the password in the Password text field. Default admin/user

Click on Login.

UsernamePassword (Default)

Logging in the first time

You will be asked to change the default password and to set the appropriate radio frequency band.

  • Enter a new password in the New password field and repeat it in the Repeat password field
    • The Password must contain:
      • At least one uppercase
      • At least one number
      • At least one special character
      • From 8 to 74 characters
  • Select the radio frequency band used in your region from the list.
  • Click on Set to save the settings and to open the administrator interface.

If you do not make any entries for a lengthy period (approx. 10 minutes), you are automatically logged off. The next time you try to make an entry or open a web page, the login screen is displayed again. Enter the password again to log back in.

Any entries that you did not save on the telephone system before automatic logoff will be lost.

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