If you want to use messaging and or location functionality, a license per handset is needed. There will be one license enabled by default that you can use to test AML. If you sell the system to your customer and you need 10 handsets that support AML, you need to buy the license for 10. The first enabled test license is then also a paid license.

  • Messaging license per handset
  • Location license per handset

Only the handsets that need this functionality needs a license.

Per handset you can enable/disable the messaging and/or location feature.

If no licenses are available, this feature can not be enabled.

Here you can find more info about how to enable/disable the messaging and/or location feature: FAQ - Messaging and Location how to enable/disable per handset

Material description

Part number


MESSAGING License N670/N870 (License per handset)



LOCATION including messaging License N670/N870 (License per handset)



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