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Careful planning of your DECT wireless network is the prerequisite for successful operation of the Multicell System with good call quality and adequate call options for all subscribers in all the buildings and areas belonging to the PBX. When deciding how many base stations are needed, and where these should be positioned, both the requirements for the capacity of the PBX and its wireless coverage, as well as many ambient conditions, must be taken into consideration.

The "N870 IP PRO - Site Planning and Measurement Guide" will make it easier for you to plan your multicell DECT network, explain the necessary preparatory work for the installation and describe how to carry out measurements in order to find the best positions for your base stations. Please read these instructions before starting installation.

We also offer the N720 IP PRO Site Planning Kit (Site Planning Kit) to help you measure the wireless coverage and signal quality on your DECT network. Information about setting up and using the Gigaset measuring equipment can also be found in the "N870 IP PRO -Site Planning and Measurement Guide".

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