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From software 2.38.0 or higher we have implemented an intelligent reboot option that can be enabled via CLI.

The reboot has the following options:

  • Time
  • Day / Daily
  • Check for active call: yes/no
  • Retry if reboot is not possible due to active call

Only the device where the CLI command is executed will reboot!!!

CLI command
$ scheduled-reboot --help
USAGE: scheduled-reboot --time=<HH:MM> --dow=<value> --check_intvl=<value>
 Creating a reboot scheduling plan
 --time=<HH:MM>: Time of day to reboot
 --dow=<value>: Comma separated list of days-of-week starting with 0
 e.g. "1" only on Mo
 "0,1,2,3,4,5,6" daily
 "0,2,4,6" Su,Tu,Th,Sa
 --check-intvl=<value>: 0 Means no check for any active call - reboot is executed as planned.
 --check-intvl=<value>: >0 Means how often an outstanding reboot call is suppressed if an call is active
 on that device and adding a delay of 5 min before next check-interval.
 When reaching the maximum check_intvl iteration while a call is still active, the
 current reboot job is skipped and shifted to the next reboot-job execution based
 on the scheduling plan. Default value is 0 -> no check.
 scheduled-reboot --time=clear
 Clearing the reboot scheduling plan
 scheduled-reboot --time=now
 reboots now without touching the scheduling plan
 scheduled-reboot --show
 show current reboot crontab-based entry
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