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Embedded Integrator

Virtual Integrator


Only available in the Integrator user interface. 

This page allows you to save and restore the system configuration.

Once you have configured the DECT manager and after making any changes to the configuration, particularly registering or de-registering handsets, you should save the latest settings in a file on the computer so that the current system can be restored quickly if problems occur.
If you change the settings accidentally or you need to reset the DECT manager due to a fault, you can reload the saved settings from the file on your computer to your telephone system.

The configuration file contains all system data including the DECT registration data of the handsets, but not the calls list on the handsets.

Saving configuration data

Click on Save settings Select the location where the configuration file should be stored using the system file selection dialogue. Enter a name for the configuration file.

Restoring configuration data

Click on Browse... Select the previously saved configuration file from the file system of your computer. Click on Upload . . . the selected configuration file is loaded.

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