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Trouble shooting

On this page we would like to explain you what you can do in case you find issues within your DECT system.

Our experience is that most issues are related to the Installation of the system, therefore the list below first focus on the installation part and then how to collect the information.

Items be checked before contacting Gigaset support
Software version

All Nx70 devices should be on the same software version

  • We advise to upgrade the devices to the latest official released firmware as we are continuous improving the product
  • If there is an issue in the software, analyses and bug-fixing will be done on the latest official released software
  • The release notes will show you the improvements done in the software and if there is an known issue
DECT base mounting

Check if the DECT Base Stations are mounted correct

Some examples of wrong installation

  • Mounted direct against metal walls, minimum distance is 10 cm
  • Do not install the base stations in Suspended ceilings, cup boards or other closed furnishings
DECT synchronisation

The DECT measurement should be done using the Gigaset Site Planning Kit. Please check if the customer situation has not been changed and these changes have influence on the DECT coverage.

  • With the visualisation tool, you can get an indication of the DECT synchronisation chains and the connection quality. (Red lines are not allowed)
  • Problems caused by not doing an measurement or wrong installation with the results the DECT base-stations have a bad DECT synchronisation, can/will cause DECT base-stations become in the status A-sync that will cause disconnected calls or no calls possible until the base will be synchronised again. If an DECT base with high sync level is down, other bases with lower sync level that sync with this will will also be down
  • Bad DECT synchronisation due to wrong installation can't be solved with software improvements
LAN synchronisation

If LAN synchronisation is used, the LAN network should support the documented requirements. It does not mean that DECT measurement is not needed, the base stations must be able to see each other via DECT.

  • LAN synchronisation can only work if the network is LAN sync capable, also switches have to support this feature
  • In the Nx70, you can see the LAN sync quality. 
  • If the network is not LAN sync capable, the DECT bases will get into the A-sync mode and calls will be disconnected or other instability can be seen
  • Gigaset support can not solve network issues, LAN sync issues in the network have to be solved by the IT specialists or the customers IT administrator
What info is mandatory to get support from Gigaset, what should be collected
Error description
  • Since when exactly does the behavior occur, did the system run stable before?
  • Does the behavior occur on all handsets or only on certain ones?
  • Does the behavior occur in the entire system at the same time (possibly system restart?) or only in certain subareas (bases)?
  • Can you reproduce the error? -> Reproducibility ratio “Always” (9/10,10/10) “Often” (>2/10 <9/10) “Sometimes” (1/10,2/10)
  • Has anything been changed in the system, network environment, structural measures, etc.?
  • What PBX is used, type/firmware, local or hosted?
  • Is the N670/N870 system auto-provisioned?
  • Is pure DEC, LAN Sync or a mixed mode used in the system?
  • Has the system been measured with the measuring case?
  • Were the bases aligned and mounted according to the mounting guidelines? See mounting guidelines starting on page 29 in the "Planning and Measurement Guide".
Diagnostic file

Please download the Diagnostic file from the system, it contains information about

  • System size and software versions used
  • Connected handsets and software version
  • Customer settings without passwords or customer relevant data
  • Base stations events like a-sync / busy / ...
  • Syslog information: How much depends on the size of the system and the settings as the syslog storage of the DECT system is very limited
DECT related

In case of DECT related issues

  • Pictures of the DECT base-stations how they are mounted
  • DECT Measurement report
  • Picture of the visualisation tool
Gigaset will analyze the above delivered information and could ask to deliver the following
IncidentsCheck the Incidents page, download the information and store it on your laptop.
Network tracesIf there error is related to the network / VoIP protocol, wireshark traces are needed.
SyslogMore syslog output, send to an external syslog server
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