About point omega AG

With more than 20 years of market experience in telecommunications, point omega AG has become the market leader in the field of industrial, building and care facility alarms. Furthermore, we successfully serve the field of speech and noise recognition. Since the company was founded in 2000, point omega AG has employed an experienced and qualified team of developers and specialists. In addition to standard solutions, point omega AG also offers its customers individually tailored solutions. Benefit from the performance, the efficiency, the advanced products and the modern technologies. point omega AG stands by your side with enthusiasm and offers active sales support with a focus on your economic and innovative benefits. point omega AG and its sister company Sikom develop unique, modern solutions whose continuous further development is ensured thanks to the development locations in Germany. With locations in Heidelberg, Hamburg, Berlin and Zwickau, we are also available to our local partners in the individual regions.

One of the successful unique selling points are our alarm systems, which already meet the requirements of a new security need in many companies. The systems and applications meet the current requirements of our customers and can be used flexibly on-premise or as a cloud solution. As an extension of our portfolio, point omega AG offers a new product called SENTRY®. SENTRY® was developed for the field of noise detection. True to the motto Listen & Learn, our partners can open up new business areas here and plan and configure individual customer solutions. The guarantee for your success is the cooperation of point omega AG with system houses and system integrators. This cooperation makes it possible to offer alarm solutions in all areas and thus to generate a continuous and freely calculable dealer margin. Only our partners sell the products of point omega AG. This guarantees you economic planning security.

29.09.2021 | RedOne jetzt Gigaset zertifiziert

AML Feature                                       Supported
Send message prio 1 - 9
Title: Text
Title: Color (White / Green / Yellow / Red / Blue)
Icons: Type, supporting the Gigaset icon range
Icons: Color (White / Green / Yellow / Red / Blue)
Ringtone: Melody prio Low / Medium / High / Silent
Ringtone: Set/overrule volume-
Message paragraph 1: Text
Message paragraph 1: Color
Message paragraph 1: Align
Message paragraph 1: Blinking
Message paragraph 1: Bold
Message paragraph 1: Underline
Message paragraph 2: Text-
Message paragraph 2: Color-
Message paragraph 2: Align-
Message paragraph 2: Blinking-
Message paragraph 2: Bold-
Message paragraph 2: Underline-
Vibration: Enable yes/no-
Silencing: Overrule the user silence settings-
Delete message: Allowed yes/no
Ignore message: Allowed yes/no
Presentation timer: How long the message is displayed on the handset
Time to Live: How long the message is stored on the DECT system
Reply options: Using softkeys to reply on messages
Message user response: Server reacts on user handling/feedback
Location: Server can ask HS to send DECT signal information-
Location: Server can ask HS to send BLE beacons information-
Start Alarm call via key/number: Dial phone number-
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