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AVM Fritz!Box

There are many routers in the Market that have their own SIP server inside. Also the AVM Fritz!Box has an integrated SIP server and is mainly developed for Home solutions.

SIP devices like our Gigaset SIP phones are developed to communicate direct with business solutions or SIP platforms.

If the communication is done using routers developed for Home solutions, the settings of these routers have to be changed to allow the SIP devices to communicate with the business solutions or SIP platforms.

This could mean that:

  • SIP communication always uses port 5060, as the Fritz!Box also uses the same port. SIP knowledge is needed to create a workaround that could be in the Fritz!Box, SIP platform or SIP device. It all depends on the used set-up.
  • The Firewall of the Fritz!Box sometimes needs to be adapted and this could cause security risks as ports to the outside world needs to be opened.
  • Which software in the router is used, could be important. Also router update could cause that an existing solution stops working.

Therefore you need to have high knowledge of the Fritz!Box, Firewalls, Security and SIP to make sure that SIP devices behind these routers work seamlessly.

As Gigaset is not having expertise in AVM products such as Fritz!Box, we cannot guarantee full interworking and we cannot provide support to establish a stable solution. 

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