The BroadWorks Xtended Service Platform (XSP) enables a variety of ancillary interfaces on BroadWorks. The primary interface exposed by the XSP is the Xtended Services Interface (Xsi) – which provides a rich set of Web 2.0 interfaces for integrating BroadWorks services with desktop clients as well as Internet based applications.

Feature is available for:

  • Maxwell 10 software 1.2.0 or higher.

Supported features are:

  • Call forward Always
  • Call forward Busy
  • Call forward No Answer
  • Do Not Disturb (DND)



If you change it on the platform via the web-interface then the platform will not inform the device changes are made, therefore the device will not show the actual setting on the display. If you always use the phone to change the settings then it will show the correct settings on the display of the phone.



In the web-interface of the device go to: Settings - Network and Connections - Phone systems.

Select "Broadsoft" as Phone system


In the web-interface scroll down to Extended service platform PBX of service provider

Enter the information you have received from your provider.

  • Server address
  • Broadsoft Login-ID
  • Broadsoft Password



Maxwell 10 auto provisioning parameters.

XML syntax:

<S_UCI_SERVER value="<provider URL>" class="string" />
<S_UCI_LOGIN_ID value="<XSI username>" class="string" />
<S_UCI_PASSWORD value="<XSI Password>" class="string" />

Tag NameValueMeaning

URL must be a valid URL like:

http://<provider URL>

The URL to the Broadsoft XSI server
S_UCI_LOGIN_IDXSI usernameBroadsoft web-interface username
S_UCI_PASSWORDXSI PasswordBroadsoft web-interface Password

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