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 Gigaset Info services

The advantages of Gigaset NextG telephony extend far beyond internet calls. Stay informed on your handset with info services such as a personalised weather forecast, an eBay companion or use the email viewer application. And whenever you need a phone number you‘ll appreciate the online phonebook. 
Email viewer – Always stay connected.Because Gigaset knows just how essential it is to stay connected, it has developed a helpful email viewer feature that shows the status quo of your inbox – without having to switch on your PC. You’ll receive an automatic notification of each new email that arrives in your personal email account including the details of sender, time/date, subject and text, up to 640 characters. It’s just one more way that Gigaset keeps you linked in at home.
Public Online directory – Direct access to online phonebook.Use your handset’s online phonebook¹ to look up people and businesses (white pages or yellow pages) in the net-directories of numerous online phonebook providers in Europe (including Denmark, Norway, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, The Netherlands, ...). Thanks to the automatic reverse search¹ function, your phone’s display can even show the name and address of any calls from an unknown number. Best of all, the phonebook service is completely free of charge. Let Gigaset help you find the numbers you need, with your PC switched off.
News – Stay informed.The news feature on your Gigaset handset is a simple solution that helps you to keep in touch with the latest headlines and happenings. Quickly scan current reports from a variety of news topics with a list of RSS-feeds. You can read the headlines from a preconfigured list, or personalise your selection of feeds on And if the headline intrigues you, it’s easy to view the complete article on your handset. News at your fingertips – anywhere in your home, with PC-off convenience.
Weather – Forecasts for your chosen locations.A reliable weather forecast helps you plan your day – umbrella, hat and mittens, or sunscreen. Thanks to Gigaset, you can receive a 3-day weather forecast for your cities of choice direct to your handset. Simply preselect your cities on, or for the weather in a far away place, use your handset’s Info Centre 1 to find out the weather in 250,000 locations around the globe. Rain, shine or somewhere in between, Gigaset innovation prepares you for the day ahead.
Translator – Quick access to instant translations.Calling Italy to book a hotel but don’t know how to greet the reception? Simply enter in "good evening" to your handset’s online translator powered by Prompt (Info Centre > Translator) for an instant translation that appears on your handset. The feature offers translations in English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese or Spanish
Encyclopedia – A handset full of knowledge.What’s the population of Mexico? When exactly did Napoleon live? Thanks to Gigaset’s online encyclopedia, you’ll find the answers to these questions, and many more, on your Gigaset handset. Simply select the encyclopedia from the menu, type in your search term and push OK. Your answer appears – and it all works without a PC. Gigaset innovation – all you need for quick answers and endless knowledge.
Horoscope – Keep connected to the stars.What to expect for your day in terms of love, work or career. A quick look on your Gigaset IP phone gives you the answer. Simply select your zodiac sign on and receive your daily horoscope on your handset’s screensaver. Gigaset innovation prepares your mind and soul for the day ahead. 
Unit converter – Use your handset to convert values.How many degrees Celsius is 74°F? Use your Gigaset IP phone to answer to this query - and many more. Simply choose the unit converter from the menu (Info Centre > Unit Converter), select the unit type (length, area, volume, etc.) then enter in the amount to convert. Just one of the many ways your Gigaset IP phone helps make life easier.
Biorhythm – Check your well-being on your handset.Because Gigaset wants to be closer to your needs on every level, it has developed a tool for following your personal biorhythm on your phone’s screensaver. A quick look on your Gigaset IP phone gives you an overview of your physical, emotional and intellectual cycles, whenever you like. Experience inner peace with Gigaset.
My eBay – Follow the auctions on your handset.Are you still ahead or is it time to up the ante? Instead of relying on your PC to find out where you stand, conveniently track your items on your Gigaset handset’s eBay companion. A simplified version of the famous online auction platform, Gigaset’s My eBay application sends updates to your handset so you can monitor the items you’re selling, watching or bidding on. Just set up your account online via an easy-to-use tool and you’re set to follow the suspense with Gigaset.
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