Gigaset Info services

The advantages of Gigaset NextG telephony extend far beyond internet calls. Stay informed on your handset with info services such as a personalized weather forecast. 

News – Stay informed. The news feature on your Gigaset handset is a simple solution that helps you to keep in touch with the latest headlines and happenings. Quickly scan current reports from a variety of news topics with a list of RSS-feeds. You can read the headlines from a preconfigured list, or personalize your selection of feeds on And if the headline intrigues you, it’s easy to view the complete article on your handset. News at your fingertips – anywhere in your home, with PC-off convenience.

Weather – Forecasts for your chosen locations. A reliable weather forecast helps you plan your day – umbrella, hat and mittens, or sunscreen. Thanks to Gigaset, you can receive a 3-day weather forecast for your cities of choice direct to your handset. Simply preselect your cities on, or for the weather in a far away place, use your handset’s Info Centre 1 to find out the weather in 250,000 locations around the globe. Rain, shine or somewhere in between, Gigaset innovation prepares you for the day ahead.

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