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Your device is factory configured as a DHCP server so that it can provide PCs on your LAN that have no IP configuration with all the information required for a connection.

Default IP address

The system has from the factory the default IP address:

DescriptionDefault value
IP address of your gateway192.168.0.250
Netmask of your gateway255.255.255.0


If you already run a DHCP server on your LAN, it is recommended that you configure the device on a separate PC that is not connected to your LAN. Connect this PC alone to your system so that you have your own network to do the configuration.


Once you have completed the configuration of your device, you can test the connection in your LAN.

Test the connection from any device in the local network to your device. In the Windows Start menu, click Run and enter ping followed by a space and then the IP address of your device (e.g. A window appears with the response "Replay from ...".

Default DHCP server

DescriptionDefault value 
DHCP serverEnabled

web-interface: Local services - DHCP server - DHCP configuration

DHCP address range192.168.0.10 -

web-interface: Local services - DHCP server - IP POOL configuration

DHCP options

Time Server:

URL(Provisioning Server):

web-interface: Local services - DHCP server - DHCP configuration - Advanced


Change IP address / DHCP server

There are more possibilities to change the IP address of the system and the DHCP server settings, but the easiest is to use the menu: Assistants - First steps

IP Address: The IP address of the system.

IP Address Range: The DHCP server IP address range.

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