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The Gigaset N720 IP PRO is supported behind the Hybird 120 GE. Via auto provisioning the N720 will be configured and you only need to register the handsets.

N720 not recognised.

If your N720 is not recognised by the Hybird 120 GE, the possible cause is that the N720 is sending the wrong user agent header.

Depending on the software there are different solutions.

  1. Load this special configuration file.
    1. N720 will reboot.
    2. After reboot N720 is recognised as system phone.
    3. After factory reset the setting will be gone.
  2. Load this special configuration file.
    1. New setting will only be available after factory reset.
  3. Sometimes it is enough to just do a factory reset.

Both config files can be loaded on the device if needed.




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