To use the ION keys to answer and disconnect a teams call, in Office 365 this needs to be configured. This setting is needed for all Microsoft Teams certified devices. (ION is not Microsoft certified)

Link to the Microsoft article:

  1. Open the Office 365 admin page. (Admin account is needed)
  2. Open the admin page of teams
  3. Go to the Users and click on the user that should be displayed on "Teams Only".
  4. Click on “Edit” behind Teams Upgrade
  5. Choose Coexistence mode “Teams Only
  6. Save and log the user back in.
  7. To adapt "organization wide", follow the below.

  8. Go to Users. Check all users by putting the check mark on the top line

  9. Click on "Edit" Settings

  10. Scroll down and select "Teams Only" at Coexistence mode

  11. Save and log the user back in.

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