Web-interface: http://<IP address>/#/Expert

Login as admin and switch to the above URL.

WARNING - handle this settings with care, you can negative influence the audio quality.

Enable AEC

Automatic Echo Cancellation can be deactivated by setting the switch to "NO".
Doing this is changing changes directly in the DSP part of Maxwell. You will explore background noises, which are transmitted.

MIC Level TX

Valid values: 0 - 10

0: lowest volume
10: highest volume

You can increase the sensitivity of the microphone audio path for Handset, Handsfree and Headset.

Auto provisioning
Parameter nameDescription
Audio.Adjustment.EnableAecEnable AEC handset mode
Yes = Enabled
No = Disabled
Audio.Adjustment.HandsetModeHandset microphone TX level 0 - 10
Audio.Adjustment.HandsFreeModeHandsfree microphone TX level 0 - 10
Audio.Adjustment.HeadsetModeHeadset microphone TX level 0 - 10


<param name="Audio.Adjustment.EnableAec" value="Yes"/>
<param name="Audio.Adjustment.HandsFreeMode" value="5"/>
<param name="Audio.Adjustment.HandsetMode" value="5"/>
<param name="Audio.Adjustment.HeadsetMode" value="5"/>

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