Via provisioning an admin can set global function keys to every connected phone. The user has the possibility to add personalized function keys to his device. To ensure that his/her function keys are not deleted after a re-provisioning it is possible to lock the function keys for provisioning via the Web-UI.

The administrator needs to have a possibility to unlock all function keys via provisioning, in case this is needed.
A new provisioning parameter is implemented to unlock every function keys related and connected to the phone. This will be valid for extension modules connected to the main device, too.

This feature is supported from SW 2.12 or higher.

XML template example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>

<provisioning version="1.1" productID="mx3b">


<step type="UnlockAllFunctionKeys" />


<param name="PhoneUI.Keys.FunctionKeys.0.Type" value="5" />
<param name="PhoneUI.Keys.FunctionKeys.0.DisplayName" value="test" />



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