Here we describe how you can change the Function key LED color behavior.

Web-Interface setting:

DeviceLED Color

Red / Yellow / GreenStandard - NEW -

Maxwell BasicHas no BLF keys, but Expansion module can be used to have BLF keys.
Maxwell 2OffOnOffBlinkingOffRedOffRed blinking
Maxwell 3OffOnOffBlinkingGreenRedYellowRed blinking
Maxwell 4OffOnOffBlinkingGreenRedYellowRed blinking
Maxwell Expansion moduleOffOnOffBlinkingGreenRedYellowRed blinking
Auto provisioning
Parameter nameDescription


Maxwell 2, 3 and 4: X = (Function key) 0 - 249

"0" -> Red
"1" -> Green
"2" -> Yellow
"3" -> Standard

This parameter is ignored by Maxwell 2 for the main-device keys.

Only expansion module keys can be used with multi-color.


<param name="PhoneUI.Keys.FunctionKeys.0.Color" value="0"/>

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