In the web-interface go to: Settings - Telephony - Phone System.


Busy Lam Field (BLF)


BLF URLThe Broadsoft BLF URL
BLF create automaticallyWhen enabled, the BLF keys will be automatically created on the Maxwell
BLF call pickup codeThe system wide BLF direct call pickup code

Broadsoft Services

Here you define the Broadsoft XSI service, this is used for:

  • Phonebooks
  • Call logs
ServerThe Broadsoft XSI server URL
SIP AuthenticationUse the XSI login credentials or the SIP credentials
UsernameThe XSI username
PasswordThe XSI password
Search anywhere in name?When you search in the phone book, this option enables you to search the character anywhere in the name, else it uses the first letter(s).
Broadsoft phone books

Here you can define which Broadsoft phone books you would like to use and change the naming that is visible when you press on the Maxwell the phone book key. 

Call logs

Here you can define if you use the Broadsoft

  • Enhanced Call Log
  • Basic Call Log

Here you can define if the Broadsoft user is also an ACD agent and the status after login.

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