From software 1.15 the feature, Door station is supported.

You can operate up to 20 Door stations with video surveillance on the Maxwell 3/4. The pictures from the camera(s) are shown on the phone's display.

Maxwell Basic and 2 can also be configured to be used with Door stations, but is not capable to support pictures.

Prerequisite: The Door station must have been configured via the Maxwell 3/B web-interface.

If somebody rings the Door station, this is displayed as an incoming call on the Maxwell 3. The image from the video camera is also shown, the Maxwell will get the picture from the camera .. times per second so it looks like a video stream.


In the web-interface go to: SETTINGS - Online Services - Door Station.

NameEnter the name for the Door station, this is shown during ringing.
SIP IDThe SIP ID of the Door station, this is used to Recognize the Door station call.
DTMF codeOptional: The DTMF code for the door opener. The code can be found in the manual of your Door station.
UsernameOptional: The Door station username if required.
PasswordOptional: The Door station password if required.
Camera (URL)

Enter the URL of the Camera. The URL can be found in the manual of your Door station.


Current supported is: jpg

Image size is: 320 x 240 (If you use other format, the picture is not resized but a part of the picture is shown.)

Picture refresh time

Set how often the image should be refreshed in frames per second

WEB-Interface Maxwell 3/4

WEB-Interface Maxwell Basic


In the web-interface go to: SETTINGS - Desk Phone - Ringtones to change the ringtone when receiving a Door Station call.

Auto provisioning
NetSrv.DoorStations.0-19.CameraURLThis parameter is ignored by Maxwell 2

Time in msec, see below for the allowed values.

500 = 2 fps
200 = 5 fps
100 = 10 fps
67 = 15 fps

This parameter is ignored by Maxwell 2

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