Firmware updates are available on this wiki, so you can ensure your device is always up to date. You can find the current version of your device on the Device status page.

Status - Device - Software

You can update your device manually or automatically

To update the device manually via the web-interface:

  • Download the software on your PC and open the firmware update screen:
    Settings - System - Firmware update

  • Click on Browse and select the file from the file system on your PC.
  • Click on to start the upgrade process.

When the firmware update is started, the device first checks whether the prerequisites are in place for successfully downloading the firmware. A successful update is indicated by an advisory message.

The automatic firmware update you can configure via the web-interface:

Settings - System - Provisioning and Configuration

  • The default URL is 
  • The device will look every 24h on the server for a new software. If available it will download the software and perform the update without need interaction with the user. The update is done between 01:00AM and 04:00AM.

Auto provisioning
System.Provision.ProvisioningServer (Default)

0 = Automatic check for updates is "No"

1 = Automatic check for updates is "Yes"

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