Manual NAT helps Maxwell devices to pass NAT gateways when the STUN request fails. The actual IP address of the Maxwell is replaced by the External IP address in all outgoing SIP messages.

  • If is specified, no IP address substitution is performed.

  • If this parameter is specified, the Maxwell assumes this IP address when generating SIP messages and SDP (if NAT Mapping is enabled for that line) However, the results of STUN and VIA received parameter processing, if available, supersede this statically configured value. This option requires that you have

    1. a static IP address from your Internet Service Provider

    2. an edge device with a symmetric NAT mechanism. 


In the web-interface go to: SETTINGS - Telephony - Connections - Network Data of your Service Provider

SIP.Account.x.STUN.ManualNATExternal IP address


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<provisioning version="1.1" productID="mx3b">


<param name="SIP.Account.0.STUN.Enabled" value="1"/>
<param name="SIP.Account.0.STUN.Address" value=""/>
<param name="SIP.Account.0.STUN.Port" value="3478"/>
<param name="SIP.Account.0.STUN.ManualNAT" value=""/>
<param name="SIP.Account.0.STUN.RefreshTimer" value="25"/>



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