The User has the possibility to upload own Ringtones to personalize the ringtones for the supported Events. 

The Events are:

  • Internal Calls
  • External Calls
  • Group Calls
  • Door Calls
  • Optional

  1. Login to Maxwell 3 / Basic Web-UI (http://<ip.addr>) with the Administrator or User password
  2. Browse to Settings/DeskPhone/Ringtones
  3. Press button "Browse" and choose the desired ringtone
  4. Press button to upload the ringtone to the device
  5. The ringtone shall be displayed below "Stored Ringtones"
  6. Now you can choose the Ringtone for the supported Event.
  7. Press "Save"


Supported Formats: mp3, ogg, wav

Maximum amount of Ringtones: 20

Maximum overall Storage size: 5 MByte

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