1Display keysActivate display functions
2Volume key

Depending on the operating mode: Adjust the volume of the
speaker, receiver, headset or ringer

3* Key

* Key

Enable/disable ringtone

4# Key

# Key

Text mode: Switch between small and Large fonts

Keylock / unlock


Status for incoming and active calls.

Blinking: Incoming call

On: Active call

6Function keysProgrammable keys (Not available in Maxwell Basic)
7Navigation key

Scroll through lists and entries. In IDLE mode:

Open Redial list

Confirm or start action, select entry

Open phone-book

8Do Not DisturbDo Not Disturb (DND) function
9Message keyOpen message lists
10Consultation keyInitiate/end consultation call
11End call/back key

Go back one menu level (press briefly);
return to idle status (press and hold)

12Conference keyInitiate conference call
13Speaker keyActivate/deactivate speaker
14Headset keyMake call via wired headset
15Mute keyActivate/deactivate microphone (mute)
16MicrophoneHands-free microphone

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