With Quick Dial, you can assign a number to the function key. When you press the Function key, the number will be dialed. 

From software 2.16.6 or higher we implemented additional functionality.

Function key web-interface config example:

A Quick Dial key always starts with a numberWhen the Quick Dial key is pressed, the number is dialed.
$wcWait Connect: Wait until SIP connect is received
$p5Pause: Wait for .. seconds. In this example 5 seconds
$dtmf1234DTMF: Send DTMF tone. In this example 1234
$huHang up: Hang up, send BYE



Dial 85163, wait for 3 seconds, send DTMF tone "1", wait for 15 seconds and hang-up

Maximum characters allowed is 254

Maximum duration for execution is 180 seconds.

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