Some platform require that the device will reboot after receiving a check-sync. This is not a Gigaset requirement as after receiving a check-sync, provisioning is started and new settings are used without the need to reboot. 

We offer the possibility to reboot when the setting below is activated. This can only be done via auto-provisioning.


0 (default) = Device will not reboot automatic after check-sync. 
If reboot=true is send then of course device will reboot
1 = Device will reboot automatic after check-sync. (same behavior as reboot=true is send) 
If device will receive reboot=false then also reboot will happen.

Timer 1 only provisioning is done: Device will reboot 5 seconds after downloading provisioning file

Timer 2 also firmware update is started: Device will reboot 90 seconds after firmware file is downloaded.

(Device will not allow a reboot during these 90 seconds, it waits until the 90 seconds are passed)


<param name="SIP.Checksync.Simple" value="0"/>

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