A new timer is implemented in Maxwell software 2.13, which is available via provisioning and Web-UI.

The new timer shall restart the sending of SUBSCRIBE messages, if they have failed.

Failed Subscription Retry Timer

Default: 300 seconds
Range: 0-9999 seconds

The "Failed Subscription Retry Timer" determines the time when the device starts with a new subscription attempt after the previous attempt failed.
Two cases must be respected:

  1. The SUBSCRIPTION was rejected through a 4xx, 5xx, 6xx status code.
    The timer is fired and the device waits with a new subscription attempt until the time expired.
  2. The SUBSCRIBE was not responded
    The device repeats the subscription in the following interval:
    2.1 - 0,5 s, 1 s, 2 s, 4 s, 4 s, 4 s, 4 s, 4 s, 4 s, 4 s
  3. 2.2 - Afterwards it waits until the Failed Subscription Time elapsed (e.g. 300 seconds) and starts with the interval again.
Web interface

Go to: Settings - Telephony - VoIP - Failed subscription retry timer

Auto provisioning
Parameter nameDescription

0 - 9999

0 = Disabled
300 = Default 

Example: <param name="SIP.Timers.FailedSubscription" value="300"/>
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