Web-interface: http://<IP address>/#/Expert

Login as admin and switch to the above URL.

Syslog to Server

On setting the switch to "YES" you are able to configure a syslog server URL / IP address.
Per default the standard port "514" is used for the communication.
You can change the port by using is within the syslog server setting.


Sys Dump

For SysDump currently the download to the connected PC is supported, only. The download file is stored locally on the PC and can be send to Gigaset Support via Mail.

The SysDump file is password protected.

Auto provisioning
System.Syslog.RemoteLogging.EnabledActivate Remote Syslog
0 = Disabled
1 = Enabled
System.Syslog.RemoteLogging.ServerURL to the syslog server
System.Syslog.RemoteLogging.Server.PortSyslog server port (514)
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