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How to set the Base Station name behind a 3rd-party PBX?

The Gigaset handsets are connected on a 3rd party PBX system with DECT (GAP).
Users always see just "Base 1" in the display, instead of having their real displayname.

You need a standard Gigaset base station for the setup. As soon as you register the handset to a 2nd base station the "Select Base"-option will appear in the registration menu. With the softkeys you can then also change the base station-name.

  • Register the handset behind the PABX (on the display appear Base 1)
  • Register handset on your second base station (to use only for the procedure)
    Go to: Menu --> Settings --> Registration --> Select Base
  • Your choice will be Base 1 (base where the handset is registered)
  • Here you will see the softkey to change the name of the base station
  • Do that and on the display will appear the name of the base that you have assigned

In this way you have not changed the name of the handset but the name of the base station.

To deregister the handsets from the additional Gigaset base station you can use the hardware reset for the base station or the dedicated menu on the handset itself.