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For bin file provisioning, the tool that converts the XML file to bin file has to be installed on a Linux server.

XML files are used

  • As direct input (plain XML provisioning) for Gigaset VoIP phones or
  • As input for the gigaset_profile_gen application which converts the configuration into a binary format comprehensible for Gigaset VoIP phones

The gigaset_profile_gen application

The gigaset_profile_gen is a console application intended to be called from a CGI script that converts the XML to a secure "bin" file.


gigaset_profile_gen XML_INPUT_FILE OUTPUT_FILE [-s] [-noencrypt]


Generates the encrypted configuration file from the given XML_INPUT_FILE and places it in OUTPUT_FILE.

Mandatory arguments

XML_INPUT_FILE File containing the configuration data for the phone to be provisioned

OUTPUT_FILE Binary, encrypted version of the configuration, ready to be sent to the phone.

Optional arguments

-s Silent operation: suppresses any output by the program to STDOUT; when called from a CGI application, this argument must be used, because the CGI standard uses STDOUT to gather the response that HTTP will send to the client. Without this parameter, the HTTP response would contain unwanted text, such as the sign-on message generated by the program!
-noencrypt Don’t encrypt the output file This argument must only be used if the phone does not require.


  • In order to encrypt the configuration file, gigaset_profile_gen usually needs a secret key, which is contained in a file named key. This file must be located in the same directory as the application.The secret key must coincide with the one used in the phone. Therefore, the key file is customised by Gigaset for the provisioner. In certain closed network scenarios, the provisioner might desire to work with an unencrypted configuration file. In this case, the phone has to be customised by Gigaset accordingly ("no secret key"), and the argument -noencrypt shown above must be given when invoking the gigaset_profile_gen application for building the file. Note that for security reasons Gigaset recommends using encrypted configuration files only.
  • To make sure that the XML_INPUT_FILE contains only configuration parameters the phone understands, the gigaset_profile_gen validates it against a fixed schema file (referred to inside the XML file). This schema file is provided by the Gigaset. It must be located in the same directory as the XML_INPUT_FILE.

If the validation fails, the application returns an error.

Return values

gigaset_profile_gen returns 0 on success. All other values indicate an error. Error messages are sent to STDERR. In the case of errors, an empty OUTPUT_FILE is generated.


gigaset_profile_gen version 2.6

  • Created for N510
  • Version Value field is now optional



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