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DHCP option 66 is originally used to define the TFTP server URL for auto provisioning, but behind some platforms, the DHCP option 66 is also used to provide the HTTP provisioning server URL. therefore we started to implement DHCP option 66 in our devices.

The Gigaset N510 IP software 226 or higher has this option implemented but disabled by default. For testing it can be enabled via auto provisioning using the following parameter.

Because of Special request, the Dataserver URL will be combined with DHCP option 66 and DHCP option 15: Dataserver URL=DHCP option 66 + DHCP option 15


DHCP option 66 = http://
DHCP option 15 =

Dataserver URL = 

XML syntax:

<BS_IP_Data1.ucB_USE_DHCP_66_IF_114_NOT_AVAILABLE class="symb_item" value="0x1"/>

Tag Name
BS_IP_Data1.ucB_USE_DHCP_66_IF_114_NOT_AVAILABLE0: No 1: YesWhen set to 1. then base station request option 114 like before and in addition request option 66 and 15. If server reply for 114 then everything is like before (option 66 will not been read), but if server does not support option 114 and reply for 66 option then base station read from 66 + 15 option.

Via a special variant request, it can be enabled from the factory.


 Provisioning template example

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="ISO-8859-1"?>
<ProviderFrame xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="N510.xsd">
<!-- Please enter the correct MAC Address example: 3E2F800E1234
Please enter correct Version value: DDMMYYHHMM example: 2811120928
Please enter a Profile name
If not correct, no setting will be done
<PROFILE_NAME class="string" value="IPDEC"/>

<SYMB_ITEM ID="BS_IP_Data1.ucB_USE_DHCP_66_IF_114_NOT_AVAILABLE" class="symb_item" value="0x1"/>


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