When you do a factory reset of the N510, all settings will be restored to the factory default settings.

There are 2 possibilities how to do a factory reset:

  1. Via the web-interface (Handset registration is not removed)
  2. "Hard" factory reset (All settings including handset registration)


Open the web-interface of the N510 and go to: Settings - Management - Reboot & Reset - Click on "Start factory reset"


After the factory reset of the device via the web-interface, the handsets still will be registered.

"Hard" factory reset

  • Remove the base station mains adapter from the socket.
  • Press and hold the blue registration/paging button.
  • Plug the mains adapter back into the power socket.
  • Keep hold the blue registration/paging key (at least 15 sec, paging button will start blinking fast.).
  • Release the registration/paging key. The base station has now been reset.

You then need to start again with your device as if just delivered. You need to enter all SIP details and register handsets.