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Below will explain in more detail what the new software update brings for new features when connecting the Gigaset Touch phone DECT devices.

Feature Table


SL910/930H connected to



SL910/930H connected to



Incoming / Outgoing calls(tick)(tick)
Call waiting(error)(tick)
Calling line (CLIP)(tick)(tick)
More CLIP info is available
Connected line (COLP)(tick)(tick)
Anonymous call(error)(tick)
Message waiting(error)(tick)
Missed Calls indication(error)(tick)
Call list/history(error)(tick)
Voice mail deposit/retrieval(error)(tick)
Call Hold / Toggle(error)(tick)
Call forward (CFU)(error)(error)
Call forward (CFNR)(error)(error)
Call forward (CFB)(error)(error)
Call Transfer attended(error)(tick)
Call Transfer unattended(error)(tick)
DTMF (RFC2833)(tick)(tick)
Conference 3pty(error)(tick)
Internal list e.g. INT1, INT2 and so on, for internal calls.(error)(tick)
Change ECO mode settings(error)(tick)
PagingIP address is not visible during paging callIP address is not visible during paging call

Display " Busy" or "Not reachable", always "call terminated" in outgoing call rejected states.

Display regarding line type is not supported for Analogue, VOIP calls.(error)(tick)
Area Code, Extra Code, Long distance code PSTN/VoIP - not supported for VoIP line(error)(error)
Date and Time from Basestation(error)(tick)
Info Services(error)(error)
"Mark as New" - option in Answer Machine ICM list(error)(error)
Phone book transfer(error)(error)
Email via BS(error)(error)
Programmable Keys(error)(error)
URI dialing(error)(error)
IP dialing(error)(error)
Repeater new concept - list of Repeaters(error)(error)
Support US variant (error)(error)


S820 and SL910 HS support only 60 entries in lists


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