LDAP configuration in Web Configurator:

  • Open web configurator in browser with IP address of N510 IP PRO
  • Log in
  • Check on status page if SW version is 199 or better
  • Go to Settings -> Directories -> Corporate Directory section

Step-by-step guide:

1. LDAP server configuration with N510 IP PRO

2. LDAP entry's details configuration with N510 IP PRO

3. LDAP filters configuration with N510 IP PRO


LDAP buffering 

N510 software >= 240 we have implemented a new LDAP buffering option:


Tag nameValueMeaning

If it's set to 0x1, the N510 will not buffer any names, the device will send a new LDAP query every-time.

If it's set to 0x0 (Old behavior), the N510 will search in the call lists and will not send LDAP query if number is known.

If you do not have provisioning, you can use these configuration files.

Disable LDAP Lookup buffering

Enable LDAP Lookup buffering

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