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The roaming means synchronization of a handset to one base with best signal which was registered before in case that the previous DECT connection is loosing.

Requirements for the roaming:

  1. The handset supports registration to 4 Base stations.
  2. The handsets have been registered to all bases before  (max.4).
  3. The option „Best Base“ has been activated in the settings menu of the handsets.
  4. The handset has to be out of range from Base1 to start searching for Base2.

To be reachable every time:

To be reachable for external subscribers in all bases areas each handset (user) an own IP account
per base you have to assign.  The IP Accounts have been assigned to the users in the PBX too.

Following just an example for 6 handsets and 2 bases:

    6 handsets each registered
      on 2 bases
6 x IP Accounts
to base 1
6 x IP Accounts
to base 2
Internal phone
external phone
User 1 = Handset No. 1Phone 1.1Phone 2.1  11 111111
User 2 = Handset No. 2Phone 1.2Phone 2.222222222
User 3 = Handset No. 3Phone 1.3Phone 2.333333333
User 4 = Handset No. 4Phone 1.4Phone 2.444444444
User 5 = Handset No. 5Phone 1.5Phone 2.555555555
User 6 = Handset No. 6Phone 1.6Phone 2.666666666