When does the N510 sends Registration request with expires = 0. This means a SIP de-registration.


There are different scenarios that an N510 sends a de-registration request.

  1. Web-interface: Uncheck "Active" option for this SIP account
  2. Web-interface: Delete SIP account.
  3. Device expects SIP values are no longer valid:
    1. address of record ( "displayname"<> )

    2. contact addresses ( e.g. user-id@ ) on the registration server (location database)

De-registration is started with possible new registration

So initiations for de-register procedures are:

  • address-of-record was modified ( displayname, user-id, login-id, domain )
  • contact address might have changed:
  • new local sip port
  • new local IP address
  • new public IP address (detected by STUN) (checked any 240s, configurable)
  • new public port ( not checked periodically )

Possible solution:

Disable / delete the STUN settings in the device.

Upgrade device to software >211 because of STUN improvement to avoid these issues.

Remove STUN completely via auto provisioning: BS_IP_Data3.aucS_STUN_SERVER_SHC=""

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