Gigaset Auto provisioning procedure.

Provisioning is the process for uploading the necessary configuration and account data to the phone. This is done by means of profiles. A profile is a configuration file that contains Gigaset VoIP phone specific settings, VoIP provider data as well as user-specific content. 

Auto-provisioning is defined as the mode of operation by which the Gigaset VoIP phone connects automatically to a server and downloads both provider-specific parameters (such as the URL of the SIP server) and user-specific parameters (such as the user name and password) and stores them in its non-volatile memory. Auto-provisioning is not necessarily limited to the parameters required for doing VoIP telephony. Auto-provisioning can also be used to configure other parameters, e.g. the email settings.

Provisioning URL

For implementing auto-provisioning of the VoIP phones it must first be ensured that the device receives the address (URL) of the server responsible for provisioning. As the provisioning server location cannot be anticipated.

Behind the T640/T440, we use the following method to get the provisioning server URL.

DHCP option 114

The phone requests the provisioning server address via a DHCP request with option 114 (dhcp_url). This method is predominantly used by stand-alone provisioning servers within the same LAN.

This is configured in the DHCP server of the T640/440.

http://<IP address T640/440>/gigaset-prov/


In the Gigaset device you can check if this DHCP option is accepted, go to:

Settings - System - Firmware update:

Add provisioning server URL manual.

Like described above, the Data server field in the Gigaset devices is the provisioning server URL, if you have not the possibility to enter this in the DHCP server, you can add the URL manual in the devices. After a restart, the devices will connect to the T640/440 and the provisioning process will be started,


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